Choreographic compositions on the water

Group compositions (4 to 8 performers)

Direction: Maria Maximova

(4 min. Music by T. Albinoni)

Besame mucho
(4 min. Music by C. Velasques, Performed by C. Evora)

I Thank You
(4 min. Music by A. Babajanyan. Lyrics by R. Rozhdestvensky. Performed by M. Magomayev)

La Bohème
(3 min. Music and performed by Ch. Aznavour)

(5 min. Music by M. Ravel)

Une vie d’amour
(3 min. Music by Ch. Aznavour & G. Garvarentz Performed by Ch. Aznavour)

(4 min. Music by R. Dupere. (Cirque du Soleil))

Ils s’aiment
(3 min. Music & performed by D. Lavoie)

(3 min. Music & performed by E. Shapplin)

Swan Lake
(6 min. Music by P. Tchaikovsky)

(3 min. Music by A. Piazzola)

(3 min. Music by A. Dona. Lyrics by S. Lama. Performed by Dalida)

Snow Storm (with kokoshniks)
(3 min. Music by G. Sviridov)

Moulin Rouge / Tango of Roxanne
(5 min. Composed by Sting & M. Mores. Performed by E. McGregor, J.Feliciano, J. Koman)

Les Grands Boulevards
(3 min. Composed by N. Glanzberg. J. Plante. Performed by Y. Montand)

Les feuilles mortes
(4 min. Music by J. Cosma. Lyrics by J. Prevert. Performed by Y. Montand)

(3 min. Music by N. Glanzberg. Lyrics by H. Contet Performed by E. Piaf)

(4 min. Music by М. Тheodorakis)

Escaderode (Nho Antone Escaderode)
(4 min. Performed by C. Evora)

(2 min. Music by R. Aubry)

Duet and solo compositions

Je t’aime (with the flowers)
(4 min. Music and performed by L. Fabian)

A Slave of Love
(4 min. Music by E. Artemiev)

(2,5 min. Music and performed by E. Presley)

Tango Santa Maria
(4 min. Music by Gotan Project / Philippe Cohen Solal, Cristoph H. Müller & Eduardo Makaroff)

Toi et moi
(3 min. Music by I. Krutoy. Lyrics by L. Vinogradov. Performed by D. Hvorostovsky)

(3 min. Music by Roque Baños, Tomasito)

(3 min. Music by E. Artemiev. Performed by E. Kamburova)

(2 min. Music by E. Karaindrou)

Ballet on the water

Ballet on the water: One of the unique production areas of the theater is creation of ballets on the water. The first such production was the ballet “Swan Lake”, implemented and performed for the first time in 1995 in France.

Later were produced aquatic themed miniatures:

(8 min. Music composed by G. Bizet, R. Shedrin)

(6 min. Music composed by N. Rimsky-Korsakov)