Acts with objects

Starting from the very first performances the “Teatr na Vode” showed act with objects. As far back as the circus program of 1985, a fascinating act with candles was performed throughout a year. A bit later Maria Maximova produced acts with fans, cloth, balls and umbrellas.

Acts with fans

Original idea and direction: Maria Maximova
Performed by “Teatr na Vode” artistes

(3 min. Music: Folk music “Tarantella”)

A Spanish Dance
(3 min. Music by P. Tchaikovsky)

(4 min. Music by G. Sviridov)

Rio Rita
(3 min. Music by E. Santeugini)

8 1/2

(4 min. Music by N. Rota)

A Swarthy Girls

(4 min. Music by А. Novikov. Lyrics by Y. Shvedov)

Acts with cloth

(3 min. Music by R. Dupere, B. Jutras (Cirque du Soleil))

Amelie / Valse de Amelie
(3 min. Music by Y. Teiersen)

In the Dugout
(4 min. Music by K. Listov)

Act with the balls

Aquarium (2 min. Music by C. Saint-Saëns)

Act with umbrellas

Lambada (3 min. Music by “Kaoma”)

Acts with the candles

Ave Maria
(4 min. Music by J. S. Bach)

(4 min. Music by Saint-Preux)