The constant search towards diversification of programmes has led “Teatr na Vode” to the creation of a vast and versatile repertoire, which consists today of more than 70 acts. Some of them are regularly performed in the Crocus City Mall, a part is in the “archive” of the theater being performed as part of large-scale themed productions or special custom programs.


“Teatr na Vode” repertoire consists of Choreographic compositions on the water, Underwater acts, “Onshore” acts, Acts with objects, and Unique acts.


Directors of the acts are Maria, Vladimir and Gana. Maximovs, each of them developed his/her own aquatic choreography trend and contributed to the development of a unique and inimitable “Teatr na Vode” style.

Photo by V. Vyatkin, M. Fomichev, E. Rykova, V. Logachev, A. Legault, J. F. Dedieu