"Swan Lake" in the "Olimpic" facility

About project

Date: 29.05.2008
Location: Olympic Sports Complex (Moscow, Russia)
Performance duration: 1 hour
Participants: 17 artists 
and 45 athletes
Artistic direction: Vladimir and Gana Maximovs
Choreography of water acts: Maria Maximova
Musical direction and stage design: Gana Maximova

For the 90th anniversary of Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism “Teatr na Vode” showed a new version of the “Swan Lake” performance (to music by P. I. Tchaikovsky).
At the initiative of the theater management the performance was not only a gift for the guests of the anniversary celebration, but also a charity event for orphans and pupils of Moscow schools.
With the exception of funds for daily rental of the pool provided by RSUPESY&T, the project had no budget. All funds for payment of professional actors and stage design were provided by the theater management from their personal budget.
“Teatr na Vode” is truly grateful for the gratuitous participation of young synchronized swimmers of “Sports Club of the Institute of Physical Education” (“SCIPH”) (senior coach: Burdinyuk O.) and junior sports school (CYSS-2) (senior coach: Rogacheva E.), combined Moscow City diving team (coaching group under direction of Raspopova E. and Shorin A.) and students of swimming department of RSUPESY&T.
The performance participants were circus artistes: Eduard Gellazarov (balance mastering), Larisa Fedorina (monocycle eccentrics), Tatiana Ozhiganova (air act on cloth), and the best flamenco dancer in Russia Stepan Pribytko.
Photo by PSUPE